Law Enforcement Working Together

Crime analysts and peace officers collaborate in the Waxahachie Criminal Investigations Division to detect and prevent various crimes. Such offenses range from simple misdemeanors of petty theft and property damage to violent felonies and complex fraud. Since law enforcement cannot prevent an offense in most situations, an investigation after an offense will move the case to an arrest and into the justice system for prosecution.

Common Criminal Investigations

Crimes Against Other Persons

Crimes against persons involve cases of harassment, assault, family violence, sex offenses, or death. A crime against a person entails not only the use of force or abuse against another individual but also the threat of the use of physical force. Waxahachie officers in the Special Victims Unit receive thorough training to manage highly sensitive cases of suspected rape and child abuse.

Property and Financial Crimes

Criminal mischief, theft, burglary, and robbery come under the category of property crimes. Criminal mischief refers to the tampering, damaging, destroying, or vandalizing of another's property without consent. Theft is any case of seizing another's property without permission. Burglary involves illegally entering a home to commit a theft, assault, or felony, whereas robbery means a perpetrator caused bodily injury to another person during the act.

Narcotics Offenses

The Texas Health and Safety Code guides the Narcotics Unit, which investigates any engagement in drug trafficking. The police encourage citizens to report violations anonymously through the Narcotics Tip Line. Waxahachie law enforcement seeks to make the community drug-free and safe for all residents through these efforts. When tips are false or unreliable but someone hes been accused of these types of crimes, defendants often turn to a criminal defense attorney to assist them in getting drug-related charges reduced or dismissed.

The Waxahachie Police Force Team

Waxahachie police work to maintain a safe community through open communication and transparency. Specialized units focus on specific crimes to resolve serious issues. When a resident is a victim of a crime, the Crime Victim Assistance department offers emotional support, advocacy, and crisis intervention to help victims cope and recover. In all areas, the Waxahachie Police Department works round-the-clock in the name of community safety and security.